News February 2016

Christmas seems such a long time ago, doesn’t it? Suffice it to say that our ‘Celebration’ went wondrously well and the collection raised £220 for St Petroc’s. Midnight Worship was a truly memorable service, again with the Revd Aubin de Gruchy. It was good to send £100 to Children’s Hospice South West. Bishop Tim enjoyed the ‘wonderful calendar which I can assure you will find a good place at Lis Escop’. He also added his thanks to the community for all that it is doing and continues to do. The amount raised from the sale of calendars has now reached its target of £7,000 for Mind – isn’t that splendid! After Christmas and New year indulgences a bowl of home-made soup was obviously just the ticket, there being a full house for the January soup lunch. It was good to get together again, and we’ll hope to see you on Monday 1 February, 12.30ish.