News February 2017

Benefice Update
The vicarage has been sold and an offer made by the Diocese on a bungalow which, although it will need some modifications to
make it suitable for a clergy house, will provide the accommodation essential for a ‘house-for-duty’ priest.
This progress means that the post can now be advertised – on the national and Diocesan church websites and in the ‘Church Times’ – and, as the Archdeacon commented, ‘we only need one applicant, if it’s the right one!’
Your PCCs have done their best to produce a ‘Statement of Needs’ which reflects all our wishes and concerns, and it’s up to others now to answer our hopes and prayers that we shall sometime this year once again have
a priest to care for the spiritual needs of our two parishes.

The briefest report on our celebration of Christmas which, ‘twas said, was the best ever. In fact we’ve used the same format for sixteen years and it obviously works well for us.

Why, there’s even a list of new volunteer performers for this year’s event! Some of the credit for the evening must go to the three generations of the Burley family who between them decorated the tree so beautifully.
And as always Midnight Worship on Christmas Eve with the Revd Aubin de Gruchy provided the perfect start to The Day.

Monthly winter soup lunches are, it seems, here to stay. The next is on Monday 6 February and we’ll look forward to seeing you here, 12.30-ish.