News December 2018

One very good piece of news is that at long last the road through Portloe has been
repaired. It looks like a patchwork quilt, but no matter, it’s a great improvement. Thank
you, Cornwall Council!
We launched the first winter soup lunch in great style with a fine display of sparklers –
it was 5th November! Lin and Rachel produced two simply delicious soups and, after
cheese and fruit, we enjoyed mint chocolates with our cuppa (we know how to live
in Portloe!) Next one is 7 January – come and celebrate the New Year with us.
In addition to our Sunday services, our church building neatly transforms itself into
Portloe’s community hall. As well as meetings of, for example, the Parish Council and
the Harbour Commissioners, we host table tennis and yoga, soup lunches and concerts,
and much more. We really are benefitting from the farsightedness of those who replanned
the building nearly thirty years ago.
Our celebration of Christmas, with mulled wine and mince pies, will be on Thursday 20th
December at 7 pm. Midnight worship, Christmas Eve, 11.30 pm