News June 2017

Inclement weather aside, around 50 of us gathered in Portloe
Church and harbour on the evening of the 15th May to attend
the special annual Blessing of the Sea Ceremony. We even
managed to lure Father Doug down from Inverness that day to
perform the ceremony and host our evening – his tenth, and, if
he is to be believed, last time!
Given the poor weather we had a ‘top ’n tail’ service – performing
the beginning and end of the service in the church, and, then
processing down to the harbour to cast the beautifully decorated
cross into the sea to bless the waters and all who use them. We
were then treated to a magnificent feast in the church – courtesy
of the indomitable Joyce’s culinary skill, and which included
delicious crab caught by our very own Chris Mlynski – such
that we all committed to a 10k run the next morning to atone
for our indulgence.
The evening was splendidly topped off by the jewel-like singing
of Gena, Mike’s haunting saxophone rendition of
‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, and the mellifluously-told
tales of Trounce. We left with a smile on our faces, warmth in
our hearts, and deep gratitude for the enduring holding quality
of the Portloe community. Father Doug optimistically handed
the wooden cross over to Jeanne, and we look forward to whoever
will be our presiding priest in 2018!