News December 2016

Good news!
There will be a Soup Lunch here on Monday 5th December at the usual time of
12.30-ish. Do come and join the merry throng!
Following that, we hold our Celebration of Christmas on Tuesday 20th at 7 o’clock, with the usual
Midnight Worship on Christmas Eve at 11.30 pm. Posters will give details and we very much look forward to welcoming you to Portloe this Christmas.

News November 2016

After a happy harvest Thanksgiving with the Revd Martyn Pinnock, the Harvest Supper
on the following evening was a very jolly affair. After the Revd Mark Dunn-Wilson had
said Grace, we all enjoyed a hot pasty and an autumnal pud, a glass (or two) of wine
whetting our appetites for the after-supper entertainment.
Revd Mark opened the proceedings followed by an enchanting song from Gena and
a tune from Mike.
Trounce regaled us with stories: his own, and a wonderful Harvest story from Anne
Treneer’s ‘Schoolhouse in the Wind’.

Celebrations continued apace on the tenth day of the tenth month when Val Johns arrived for a (truly) surprise 90th birthday party. This had been arranged by her family who were there – all four generations of them – together with many neighbours and friends.
The bedecked church was packed for this very special party. Val was overwhelmed: she does so much for us all and we hope the occasion showed her how much we treasure her, and how much we love her.

‘PARISH NEWS’ – new style
A message from the editor
Well, this is the last year for ‘Parish News’ in its present format and frequency of publication. The one potential co-editor, though enthusiastic and getting to grips with ‘Publisher’, is now likely to move away from Cornwall.
I am happy to continue to produce issues in the current format, but in alternate months, [six issues a
year instead of twelve]. The remaining six months will have a two-sided A4 news sheet which will carry notices, rotas, reading lists, the diary of events, and maybe tide tables. The bonus is of course that this can be produced quite cheaply, and we can even email it to you rather than deliver a paper copy if that’s acceptable.
It could of course be produced as a Word document by anyone willing to take it on! It will have the same layout each time so it’s only a case of typing in new information every couple of months….
It’s likely that the cover price of the main magazine will rise to £1, but it will still contain the same
number of pages and variety of contents.
The subscription form will be in the December magazine as usual, and thank you to all our readers for your support and comments!

Advertising manager .
After many years of extraordinary skill in attracting advertisers [and extracting their money!] Pat Raine has decided that it’s time to retire.
Much to our delight Sue Day has agreed to take on this task. It remains for us to thank Pat for her
wonderful work over the years and to welcome Sue to the fold.

News October 2016

The Editor insists that something is written under this heading, and who would dare
not comply!
In fact quite a lot goes on here in Portloe but really nothing news-worthy this month.
On the other hand there will be plenty to report next time, so watch this space!

News September 2016

Well, a the time of writing the sun is shining and the village is filled with very
happy holidaymakers – and residents! It’s been wonderful to see the harbour
come alive, not only on occasions with shoals of mackerel and whitebait,
but paddlers, swimmers and kayakers. It makes one yearn for the ‘good old
days’ and Harbour Day – do you remember?
Our Harvest Thanksgiving service will be held on Sunday 25 September with
Harvest Supper on Monday 26th. Do please come and join us! Posters will give

August 2016 News

The Portloe 2016 calendar has raised an incredibly large amount of money. Father Doug accepted the ‘official’ cheque representing the proceeds of calendar sales on behalf of the charity MIND: an amazing £7,650.
An almost-impromptu party was held in the community hall (aka the church) in mid-June.
There were balloons, bunting, bangers, buns and bubbles – something for everyone.
The occasion? The winding-up of the 2016 calendar event, and the presentation of the
cheque to the charity ‘MIND’ What a tremendous community initiative – well done!Father Doug accepted the ‘official’ cheque representing the proceeds of calendar sales on behalf of the charity MIND: an amazing £7,650.

The church was filled to capacity for the party, with nearly all the ‘months’ there, accompanied by
family and friends. It is an extraordinary achievement which in the process has given so much to Portloe and the wider community. Of course, there’s now the question of next year’s calendar…Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see !
On the subject of fundraising, £745 was raised for Cornwall Air Ambulance with events held in Portloe on the evening of the referendum, and another to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. What’s next?
And a word of thanks from Jeanette Blamey, to everyone for their many kindnesses and for all the
help given to her during the past few weeks – it’s greatly appreciated.

News July 2016

Portloe’s congregation helped to fill to capacity Veryan parish church for
the ‘cluster’ Eucharist to mark Fr Doug’s last official service as parish priest.
And what a wonderful service it was – the sermon was exactly right, the
choir was superb, the hymns a joy to sing, and how good it was to hear the
organ in such splendid voice ! A truly memorable occasion.
Thank you, Fr Doug, with love from Portloe.

News June 2016

The tradition at Portloe of “Blessing the sea” took place
on a calm and sunny evening when the water looked inviting
and peaceful but we all know it is not always like
that so a blessing by our priest-in-charge is certainly a
welcome, nay perhaps necessary event for the fishermen
and faithful of the village.
Accompanied by a good number of people Father Doug,
resplendent in his best robes, led the procession from the
church down the slipway to the sea’s edge in Portloe
harbour. The steepness of the slipway ensures that
although those in the procession sing heartily on the way
down doing the same going back up has now been
The supper afterwards is probably the big draw for many
people in and around the village so nearly 50 people sat
down for a meal that is also part of the church anniversary
celebrations. After an excellent meal everyone relaxed
and enjoyed the evening’s entertainment, despite one
of Father Doug’s best awful jokes yet. As ever, there
were top quality contributions with sweet Polish
singing, stylish saxophone playing, a touch of Hilaire
Belloc and more poems and tales from that well known
“Voice of a Veryan Man”
It was the ninth blessing of the sea that Father Doug
has carried out and we hope that it will not be the last
despite his imminent retirement. Anxious that any
non-participation by him may jeopardize the state of
the sea and the fishing perhaps a village deputation to
the Bishop may ensure Doug’s continued involvement
in the tradition and so secure good fishing and safe
sailing off Portloe in the future.

News May 2016

Easter services were, as always, very special. It was especially good that Fr
Doug celebrated the Eucharist service here as it was the first time during
his tenure as priest in Veryan that Easter Day had coincided with our Anglican
The Open meeting midmonth went well and all members of the Policy
Committee were re-elected en bloc. In addition, Annie Guy was unanimously
elected to one of the two vacancies.
The highlight of May (having ‘beaten the bounds’) is our Church Anniversary on the 15th.
We are delighted that Steve Nicholson will lead the Sunday service at 10.30am
The Blessing of the Sea ceremony on Monday 16th begins with the procession
from church at 7 o’clock, followed at 7.30 pm by the Anniversary Supper (£7-50
on the door). Please come and join us

News April 2016

Just a little news from Portloe this month!

We celebrated in style the last of the winter soup lunches which was as usual well attended and a very happy occasion .

Another happy event, and a very different one, was the Women’s World Day of Prayer, held this year in Portloe church. The order of service was written by Christian women in Cuba and it was great to have the church filled with such colourful music, songs of praise and thoughtprovoking prose.

Our Annual Church Open Meeting is on Monday 11 April at 7 pm